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About Us

The Story of Fineness

The fabrics that we have produced with the same fineness and care for more than 35 years, the curtains, tulles that grant identity to your living spaces reflect us, our quality is hidden under the furnishing of your living spaces where you spend most of your time. So we first wanted to share the story of fabric, curtain with you, know us from the fabrics, feel our quality in the curtains and feel our care in the upholstery…

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"Plasmen… Fine Quality in its Fabric…"

We decided that Plasmen which we have established in 1983, should not only confined to meet the requirements. We combined our courage with our ambition. We should do our business in the best way so that you did your business in the best way too.

In our work we have seen features such as business ethics, reliability, timely finishing and sustainability as a sine qua non, not as a distinction. We have carried these values in principle with our employees to 2000s.

Our factories in Istanbul and Ankara produced our own yarn and gave us strength to become a competent and sought brand with our special products in the field of knitted tulle. We have set the principles of Plasmen as "Empathize with the Customer." We did not regard empathizing with you or customizing Plasmen to you as diverging from institutionalism. This flexibility and sincerity created mutual trust and loyalty among the firms we work with. We never forget that we are one of the factors that enhance the value of your brand.

It is not a coincidence that we have manufactured thousands of meters of fabric per year in many places such as hotels, hospitals, dormitories, guesthouses, restaurants and offices. We are always at your service with our professional staff who provide you with aesthetic and economic solutions and we are a preferred company in the field of textile such as tablecloths, bedspreads, fabric tulles, curtains and upholstery fabrics.

Factory and Center Contact

Ergazi Mahallesi, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bulvarı No:452 Yenimahalle 06383 ANKARA / TURKEY Phone:+90 (312) 278 14 06 - 278 04 14 Fax:+90 (312) 278 15 88

Istanbul Yarn Production Plant

Osmangazi Mahallesi 3133 Sokak No:1 Kıraç
Phone:+90 (212) 886 18 00 (7 hat) Fax:+90 (212) 886 18 07

Istanbul Branch

Büyük Postane Cad. No:68 34430 Bahçekapı ISTANBUL / TURKEY Phone:0 (212) 528 34 30 - 511 34 35 Fax:+90 (212) 520 12 91
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